2 Cards, 2 Poems. The King of Wands and The Tower from The Tarot of Why.


Pillar, lighthouse, burning steeple.
Up in flames.
Down go the people.
Double crossed by the chaos,
Feeling the pangs of change.
The new normal’s a strange strain.
Keep down wind of the up heaval,
This abrupt disruption.
Is it a new start for an old fart or a volcano eruption?
You may find yourself asking why we really need to scrape the sky.
Outlook, minaret, obelisk.
The view was great but was it worth the risk?

Man with a plan, firebrand,
Has a staff, the leading man.
Mentor, leader, sophisti-cate.
Not afraid to delegate.
And like every artist you ever met
Protector of the delicate.



For More visit www.tarotofwhy.com

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