You Say, I Say #2.


You Say, I Say #2

You say ears. I say sound nostrils.
You say close to enlightenment. I say nearvana.
You say alcoholic. I say dram addict.
You say someone who knows about mechanical plants. I say robotanist.
You say commando. I say freelance.

You say conversation. I say tandem complaining.
You say darkened. I say delighted.
You say faked a realization. I say had an epiphony.
You say “doing things”. I say decrastinating.
You say I’m a hat collector. I say I’m brimming with enthusiasm.

You say having a conversation. I say discussting.
You say four eyes. I say quadruple pupils.
You say worry. I say pre traumatic stress syndrome.
You say knuckles. I say finger elbows.
You say piece of paper crumpled into a ball. I say Origami Meteorite.

You say she got her sex change reversed. I say she was remiss
You say homeless people. I say unhappy campers.
You say self. I say multitude container.
You say lousy parallel parker. I say dentist
You say trying something new. I say first ditch effort.

You say sneeze. I say volcanose.
You say fake butt. I say imposterior.
You say ice cube. I say time release water shot
You say bottom line. I say butt crack.
You say sneeze. I say nose shart.

You say saggy. I say expert.
You say busy. I say home less.

You say unfit for human consumption. I say consumed for unfit humans.
You say stopped watching television. I say becoming unbinged.

You say shy person. I say inhibitionist.
You say wrists. I say hand ankles
You say shoulders. I say arm hips.
You say plans. I say regret babies.
You say learning from your mistakes. I say error conditioning.

You say clown. I say joculartist.
You say doing things. I say killed inaction.
You say undulation. I say undue elation.
You say no go. I say stopportunity
You say ingrate. I say ingreat!

You say drool. I say mouth tears.
You say applause. I say clappreciation
You say nose picker. I say nostrilnaut.
You say farted. I say committed a fragrant foul.
You say clever witticisms. I say know brow humor.

You say thunderstorms. I say (c)loudy weather.
You say worrying. I say Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome·
You say handshake. I say fingerhug.
You say stupidity. I say untelligence.
You say other people. I say the supporting cast.

You say homeless. I say long term camping.
You say funny hand movements. I say jestures.
You say clever fiction. I say sly-fi.
You say cannibals. I say stew man-itarians
You say groin. I say gland central station.

You say diametrically opposed. I say the opposite
You say sad buttface. I say grim ass.
You say insanity defense. I say alibi polar.
You say decisions. I say baby regrets.
You say battle of wits. I say cerebrawl.

You say cane. I say unbrella.
You say morning wood. I say up at Don Johnson.
You say stupidity. I say untelligence.
You say thinking. I say using the fur covered computer that lives behind the top of my face.

You say armpits. I say torso crotches.
You say feet. I say leg hands.

You say sunny. I say undercast.
You say the beginning of the end. I say the begending.
You say zipper. I say penis flytrap.

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