Dr(own) Me.



Dr(own) me.

Slander me with compliments.
Poison me with praise.
Slather love upon me
Like it was mayonnaise.

Batter me with flattery.
Obfuscate my self regard.
Pester me with blessings.
Don’t make me work too hard.

Give me a tearful earful.
Acclimate me to acclaim.
Throw out my self doubt
with the bath water of your gaze.

Substantiate all my delusions,
Berate me with adulation,
Encourage me with a barrage
of sabotage.

Libel me with sweet nothings,
Gorge me with somethin’ somethings,
Corroborate my best suspicions,
And in a sea of kisses, drown me.



Emeryville, Winter.


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