A smile is like an invitation to the party in your mouth.
Like a cradle of future giggles
Like a hammock hung between invisible trees.
Like a balloon animal filled with the helium of possibilities.
Or a welcome mat for the eyes.
A smile can also be like the grill of a Chrysler
Like a parenthesis taking a break and lying down.
Like a supine moon.
Like a ladle of teeth.

Like your face popping a wheelie.
Or an upturned scythe.
A smile can also be like an anthropological dig in your face where great treasures are revealed.
Like a harbinger of risk-taking.
Like a secret agreement.
Like a fissure in the formality,

Like a crack in the ice.
Or a favorite mask.
A smile is like a suspension bridge you build between your cheeks where joyous little cars travel all day and all night on their way to fun.
Warning: many smiles are infectious.
Even to yourself.



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