You Shall Know Me By


You Shall Know Me By

You shall know me by
My crumbly eyes
The rift in my dazzle
My snide glide
My askance stance
And the crimp in my equator.

You shall know me by
My chin’s icy bristle
My entwined brow
My crow footed crinkle
And the clench in my façade.

If you still don’t recognize me
Look for my 3rd rate gait
My needy topple
My lopsided topside
My recalcitrant twinkle.

I’m likely in a corner
Perched penchant
A spent serpent
An indolent dent
The go-getter that went
A carcass of memories.

Look closer
Past the disdain stain
And the uncracked smile,
Past the grouch slouch
The pretzled pose
My demeaning demeanor.

I’m over here in the mirror
Doubt riddled
Tear puddled
Perfectly rumpled.

Take a good look
At this arrangement of limbs
And burnt tendons
Each hinge cringeworthy
Prone, boneless.
I’m as old as I’ll ever be.

Emeryville, Fall, 2014

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