you are you


I was sitting in my apartment

On one of those dark days,
Uncluttering some clutter
To cure a general malaise
When a note from you spilled to the floor
So I gave it a quick glance.
It said “I will always love you”
In your chicken scratch.
It was dated back from the days
Before we parted ways.
Just a flash of pink and yellow
Amongst my browns and grays.
There was a tell tale tickle
From somewhere south of my belt
As I remembered how you had looked at me
And how your fingers felt
And I looked at my phone and thought:
“What have I to loose?”
And that’s when I remembered
You are you.

I was eating at that restaurant
The one we used to go.
The waiter didn’t recognize me
It was so long ago
And I entertained the notion
To invite you for a bite,
Strictly platonic, I thought that would be alright,
No strings attached at all, simply something to do
And that’s when I remembered
You are you.

I was driving in the old neighborhood
Past the places we used to go
And I found myself on the corner
Where you said you loved me so.
You still lived just right up the street
As far as I knew
And I almost knocked upon your door
Before I remembered
You are you.

So I returned to my clutter
Back in my empty room
And your note was still lying there
In my brown/gray gloom.
So I lit a cigarette
And the edge of it
And it burned without a sound
And before it got my fingers
I flicked it in the file that is round.
Just like the old song says:
“Regrets, I’ve had a few.”
I guess I forgot to remember
You are you.


Paris,Winter, 2013.

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