Offering, artist unknown, Padangtegal Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali.





Who is the artist

That made the perfect brush strokes

That are your eyebrows?


Who do I compliment

For the exquisite sauntriness

Of your gait?


Where do I go

To offer an offering

For the blessing of your pulse?


Who sprinkled those freckles on your cheeks?


What is the longitude and the latitude

Of the place I should show gratitude

For each of your earlobes?


Where do I kneel

To pay homage

To the perfect knobbiness

Of your knees?


Where exactly is the temple that’s dedicated to your temples?


Who is the sculptor

Of the slope of your shoulders,

The decider of the circumference

Of your wrists?


Who dreamed you up?


And why did he inflict you

On me?






Bali, Spring, 2011






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