The Samurai and the Siren

by Ron Campbell. Acrylic on Cigar Box




Absinthe fairy, green, seeks corrugated mind to curl up in.

Painter, poet preferred.

Me: An intangible mermaid of greased verdigris,

With hair like tendrils of vermilion smoke.

A wormwood infused wrinkle of liquid jade.

A chartreuse ooze of pure forget.

You: A blurred visionary.

A slack-jawed, sallow-eyed, soporificated caricature.

A despondent respondent to his own harsh muses.

I prefer your pants paint spattered, your fingers ink stained and your beret canted.

I like long listless afternoons and suicidal plunges off gargoyled bridges.

Recently uncorked.

Inquire within.






Tokyo, Winter 2011

Also appears in Flutter Poetry Journal


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