Take 1 part dragonfly juice.

1 part evaporated ice,

1 wisp of smoke

And add a heaping spoonful of lateral gravity.


Combine 1 part delighter fluid,

1 part joy venom

And some complicated syrup.


Add 3 awkward glances,

2 catcalls

And 1 hubba-hubba.


Add a twist of fate,

A float of hope,

And 1 drop of flopsweat.


Stir until dizzy.


Rim glass with fingernail clippings or the crushed lenses of a pair of Victorian opera glasses.

Garnish with a little umbrella of parchment upon which is written a suicide note or a sonnet.

Pour into a mug of burnished moonstone or a hypodermic.


Best served in an inny belly button.



Miami, Summer, 2010

Also appears in Mipoesias Poetry Journal





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